Aloha – “Moonless March”

Aloha’s three-years-in-the-making Home Acres is out 3/9 on Polyvinyl. The 11-song collection finds the multi-city band weaving marimba, vibraphone, and keyboards through driving guitar, bass, and drums. We asked vocalist/guitarist Tony Cavallario about standout “Moonless March.”

There’s an outdoorsy small town focus on Home Acres. Is there a connecting theme? The ghosts of Norman Rockwell?
I think there is this physical place and era that is left behind on Home Acres, and in parallel there is this person left behind. These past lives that sort of linger over the new ones being created. Some of the details are meant to evoke a more primitive society and basic elements like water, fire, light. As if we were all starting over again, stripped of the clutter. There is Home Acres which is this nostalgic mid-century suburb or something, and then there is Home Acres which just sticks the old sign in front of farmhouses and decaying mansions that these people flee to and try again. I guess I was sort of fixated on what happens when things totally fall apart, personally or socially, and that’s the backdrop of even the loves songs and happy jams on this album.

“Moonless March” seems to describe a hardworking community.
I imagine the “Moonless March” as these people who are going around rebuilding some sort of wrecked world, getting their hands dirty, one place at a time. But it could be any task or mission. It’s also supposed to be March (the month), the bleakest, most challenging month of the year as far as I’m concerned, waiting for the cold to break and the sun to come out for good.

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