New Frightened Rabbit – “Nothing Like You” & “Learned Your Name”

The Winter Of Mixed Drinks landed on our anticipated list because its predecessor The Midnight Organ Fight was aces, and because “Swim Until You Can’t See Land,” the lead single from its follow-up, captured Frightened Rabbit in an elevated state of play, intimate and massive at once, possibly their finest four-minutes yet. “Nothing Like You” keeps the bar high, less college-rocked in its studio form than when the band debuted it during their BBC6 live session, but still a kinetic dose of the band’s increasingly refined brand of upbeat and hooky, doe-eyed melodrama. Like “Swim,” it features a string arrangement from labelmate Hauschka, who’s looking more and more like their lucky Rabbit’s foot — two-for-two on the contributions. The “Nothing Like You” single comes with the non-album b-side lament “Learned Your Name”: slow, sad, and simple, but still lovely enough to be a proper album track in most others’ hands. That fact + “Swim” + “Nothing” = more Mixed Drinks now, please.

“Nothing Like You”

“Learned Your Name”

(Thanks for the heads up, Jawbone)

The Winter Of Mixed-Drinks is out 3/10 via FatCat.