New Besnard Lakes – “Albatross”

In 2007, the Besnard Lakes released the often triumphant The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse, their second album, and one with a self-fulfilling title as the band deservedly received a nomination for that year’s Polaris Music Prize, which they then undeservedly lost to Patrick Watson. Since then they’ve composed and performed the soundtrack for the Mark Ruffalo-directed/Sundance Film Festival accepted indie film Sympathy For Delicious, and banged out a new album and a new titular identity: The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night. It will be more difficult to self-fulfill “the roaring night.” The band says the album is “a twisting chronicle of spies, double agents, novelists and aspiring rock gods turned violent. Loyalty, dishonor, love, and hatred are all seen through the eyes of two spies, communicating through short wave in code and fighting a war that may or may not be real.” And that it was recorded on “a vintage ’68 Neve germanium mixing console used to record portions of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti.” So what does the tale of possibly delusional spies filtered through the processor of Led Zep sound like? Wavering guitars and skyward harmonies, vocals dripping like a melted heart through transitional passages of sheer static, served up like a scene of hammer-of-the-gods post-rock cinema. Obviously.

Besnard Lakes – “Albatross” (MP3)

“Albatross” gets a 12″ release with b-side “Four Long Lines” on 2/9, and The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night is out 3/9 (3/8 in the UK), both via Jagjaguwar.

01 “Like The Ocean, Like The Innocent; Pt. 1: The Ocean”
02 “Like The Ocean, Like The Innocent; Pt. 2: The Innocent”
03 “Chicago Train”
04 “Albatross”
05 “Glass Printer”
06 “Land of Living Skies; Pt. 1: The Land”
07 “Land of Living Skies; Pt. 2: The Living Skies”
08 “And This is What We Call Progress”
09 “Light Up The Night”
10 “The Lonely Moan”