Eugene McGuinness – “Harlequinade” Video

Domino singer-songwriter Eugene McGuinness made his first impression back in 2007, with the entirely animated video for “Monsters Under The Bed.” He’s brought the focus more to himself, in the flesh, in the videos since, to the point that Tom branded him a “handsome British man” within the first six words of this post, which is pretty fast by Tom standards. All told I think he’d like Eugene’s video for “Harlequinade,” which largely about Eugene’s face and slicked back hair, but also about his guitarist’s butt, and also about his band’s overall swagger; in fact, “swagger” is a lyric, as is “MDMA,” so the Marshall Darlings-directed aesthetic’s a snug fit. The song’s a grower — veering from new wave verse to rousing Britpop-redolent hook — so it holds up its end of the bargain, too. Watch/enjoy:

The Invitation To The Voyage is out 8/6 via Domino. Pre-order it here.