New LAKE Video – “Sing 99 & 90″ (Stereogum Premiere)

When I spoke with LAKE about their various Day Jobs, it turned out the band behind Let’s Build A Roof indeed includes a guy who helps build houses: Eli Moore, his father, and his sister take care of the wiring. The Jason DeWitt-directed video for “Sing 99 & 90″ involves architecture on a smaller scale: The Olympia crew show up in doll form to make noise and a deal with the devil. The track updates the traditional song (c. 1450) and later folk staple “The Devil’s Nine Questions.” Hence the satanic cameo (and psychedelic sacrificial lamb).

Here’s a live performance of the track with a brief explanation:

And a lovely take by Texas Gladden, for contrast/compare purposes.

Take LAKE’s home with you:

LAKE – “Sing 99 & 90″ (MP3)

Let’s Build a Roof is out via K. In case you forgot, it’s also a good time of year to visit “Madagascar.”