New Laura Veirs Video – “July Flame” (Stereogum Premiere)

When we premiered “Wide-Eyed, Legless” I asked Laura Veirs to unpack the ideas behind the title of her seventh album July Flame:

“July Flame” is: A destructive force, lamplight on a cold night, Oregon peach variety, intense summer love, fireworks, war, sunlight trapped in wood, renewal, spooky will-o-the-wisps, desire, pain, ephemera.

You get a lot of that (including the peach variety) in this playfully deadly video concocted by cartoonist Doug Savage for the collection’s title track. If the style looks familiar, it’s because he did her “Phantom Mountain” clip, too. But before you watch: Savaged offered a few bits of trivia that might help enhance your viewing experience.

  • The video has 1,804 individual images in it. Yes that’s a lot of photos!
  • The fireworks were made from over 180 individual peaches.
  • The puppets are painted paper glued to a backing.
  • The matches are one of my favorite things in the video. I loved drawing the cover.
  • The puppets/set took 3 weeks to design and build. Shooting took 2 weeks.
  • Watch for cameo performances from the Phantom Mountain chicken and paper clip.
  • The desk is my Grandma’s old kitchen table. You may remember it from the Phantom Mountain video.

OK? Watch:

July Flame is out 1/12 via Raven Marching Band.

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