Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Brendan’s Death Song” Video

If there’s such a thing as an ultimate Red Hot Chili Peppers video, it probably includes the following four things: (1) fire, (2) bare-chested raging out, (3) skimpily dressed hot girls, (4) hard-earned weatherbeaten musing on the fleeting nature of life. It’s not exactly easy to find room for all four of those things in one four-minute visual stretch, but with their new “Brendan’s Death Song” video, the Chili Peppers have found a context that’ll support all that stuff: A New Orleans jazz funeral! The song is a power-ballad dedicated to old-school L.A. punk scenester and early Chili Peppers booster Brendan Mullen, who died in 2009, and director Marc Klasfeld films the band peacocking mournfully. Watch it at Rolling Stone.