Jim James To Release One Album With M. Ward & Conor Oberst, Another As “An Asian Country Star”

Bless that guy. This info comes via the new Rolling Stone, which is great for fans of huge Obama faceshots (see: the cover, complete with flag-pinned lapel), not so great for its headscratching Bonnaroo coverage. Kanye’s set “revitalized the crowd” and was a “powerhouse 90-minute set”? No, and no. But Austin Scaggs makes up for that airball with his assessment of MMJ’s four-hour marathon set in the rain, calling it “career-defining” (agreed), and talking about it with the band, getting Jim James to divulge some interesting bits along the way. You saw the post title, right?

All this comes in the read-worthy profile’s concluding graph, which offers that JJ is working with frequent collaborator M. Ward and HuffPo pinup boy Conor Oberst on a new record. Recent streamings suggest Conor’s back in top form, while M.’s in high stride having impressed most everyone with his AM gold-en touch on She & Him, so that will be one to look out for. Details on that as we get them. More curiously:

[Jim]’s dead serious about making music as an alter ego he describes as an Asian country star named Sec Walkin (after the Evil Urges tune about walking). “It’s such a great country name, like Trace Adkins,” he says. “Look for us at the top of the charts.”

No it’s not a tune about walking. It’s a tune about sec walkin. RECOGNIZE. So while that project is about as mystifying as not realizing Kanye’s set was an utter debacle, after “Highly Suspicious” I don’t think I have any right to be surprised by anything Jimmy James does. Anyway I’m in full support of that stagename. (Brandon and I actually put together a “Sec Walkin” dance at Coachella, which comprised of sec walking over to see My Morning Jacket at Coachella.) You can keep your eyes peeled for Sec Walkin at the top of the charts, but you’ll probably sooner see him in this hat…

…singing about the issues facing Asian farmers and the blues-beating majesty of Japanese pickup trucks. Obviously. We’ll leave you with this bit of a towel-headed JJ talking about time travel and performing a sweet “Golden” at Glastonbury.