New UNKLE – “Chemical” (Featuring Josh Homme)

It’s been a while since UNKLE asked us to hold hands, but James Lavelle & Co. are back with “Chemical,” a collaboration with Josh Homme, who you may last remember berating a pre-teen in Norway (and later reminding us he’s not a homophobe, just a misunderstood macho guy with rage issues). The song Uncle Josh did with UNKLE is called “Chemical,” and it appears on UNKLE’s forthcoming fourth album End Titles… Stories For Film.

(Via P4K)

You may recall “Chemical” in its earlier form as “Chemistry,” an instrumental that showed up on 2007’s War Stories. Homme reportedly had words prepped for the track, but couldn’t get things together in time for the last release. It’s definitely a bit more exciting in its new non-instrumental form.

End Titles… Stories For Film is out 7/15 digitally and in physical form 09/02 via Surrender All.