New Lambchop – “Slipped Dissolved And Loosed” & OH (ohio) Album Art

For more than 20 years, Kurt Wagner and his revolving cast have continued honing Lambchop’s idiosyncratic, charming Southern yarn-spinning. There’s a new album on the horizon, the Modest Mousy titled OH (ohio), though the 11 tracks were recorded in the band’s Nashville hometown, not the Midwest. Some titles: “National Talk Like a Pirate Day,” “Popeye,” and “Slipped Dissolved And Loosed.” You can listen to the latter today: The languid pastoral involves the topography of a mind, lost balance, a blackbird, a shallow pool, and Tony Curtis, among other things. We also have OH (ohio)‘s homey album art, which might be NSFW. Depends on your boss’s stance on representational painting.

Lambchop – “Slipped Dissolved And Loosed” (MP3)

There’s also a live version at the the band’s MySpace. Contrast, compare. Lambchop is currently pianist Tony Crow, guitarists Alex McManus and William Tyler, bassist Matt Swanson, keyboardist/guitarist Ryan Norris, and drummer Scott Martin, but Wagner’s going on a solo tour this fall, around the release of OH (ohio). More on that soon.

OH (ohio) is out 10/7 on Merge. It will come packaged like this:

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