The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

BLOG GAME BRYCE HARPER in the mix again for videos of the week, and you know exactly where this is going (nods head toward top of the post). But, there’s some other stuff worth talking about too, videos with much less overt references to the JFK assassination. Shall we?

5. Diamond Rings – “I’m Just Me” (Dir. Jared Raab)

Leading off the countdown is Best Videos Of The Week vet Diamond Rings return, a laser-filled futuregasm that aims high on style. Lasers!

4. Fat Tony & Tom Cruz – “Double Dragon” (Dir. Tim Hendrix)

Anytime I get a little tired of this basic premise — i.e., “let’s overlay some kind of ’90s nostalgia reference onto our new single/album/party/Kickstarter project” — someone comes up with a pretty good spin on the idea. So, here’s Fat Tony & Tom Cruz’s 8-bit saga “Double Dragon,” a video that references the Double Dragon game series (obviously) as well as RPG touchpoints (s/o’s Drug Wars for the TI-82, you feel me?) and Super Mario World imagery. It begs another question: Double Dragon, best game based on two dudes walloping random bad guys’ asses in a nondescript urban environment ever?

3. Odd Future – “Sam (Is Dead)” (Dir. Wolf Haley)

OF goes military — unfortunately not Chamillatary — in their video for The O.F. Tape Vol. 2 track “Sam (s Dead).” Trash Talk’s Lee Spielman shows up. Twitter user @WillDickinson wondered aloud if it was SFW, and it is. Is Tyler losing his edge?

2. Caveman – “Old Friend” (Dir. Philip Di Fiore)

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for the aesthetic and thematic structure Philip Di Fiore creates in his clip for Caveman’s “Old Friend,” an eerie, old-feeling mystery that hinges on some eye-burning stills and a delightful Twin Peaks/Twilight Zone aura of spine-tingling weirdness. Personally, it strikes up a longing, a desire that people still took risks like this on the television, but instead we’re given muddy grief porn called The Killing postured as “forward-thinking” drama. If you hated The Killing, you’ll love this video!

1. Lana Del Rey – “National Anthem” (Dir. Anthony Mandler)

Listen, I know what you might say. “National Anthem” is a completely ridiculous, penciled-in song; “Money is the reason/We exist/Everyone knows it/Kiss kiss!” I mean, what even is that? But, almost as a counter, the video is something else, conjuring resident pretty motherfucker ASAP Rocky as JFK and Lana as Jackie O. We are then — because we deserve it, don’t we? — given an absurd, sepia-toned montage where JFK Rocky and Lana Del Jackie O Monroe raise a family in Cape Cod, sail around a harbor in a sailboat while stationed in each other’s embrace, and re-enact the famous Zapruder film, because of course they went there. They had to. For America.

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