New jj – “Pure Shores” & “The Truth”

As reported, the secretive Swedes jj signed with Secretly Canadian (in conjunction with Sincerely Yours) for a followup to the jj nº 2. These two tracks won’t appear on nº 3 (out 3/9). In fact, they’re technically not “new,” just hard to track down: “Pure Shores” is a bonus track on the white vinyl version of jj nº 2 and the six-months-to-live heartbreaker “The Truth” — “in hell tears never dry” — is included on the “From Africa to Malaga” 12″ single.

“Pure Shores”

“The Truth”

(Both via gvsb.)

Remember, jj’s first US tour isn’t too far away: They’re trekking around with the xx, waving their double consonant flags.

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