Vampire Weekend Unplugged

You’ll be seeing a lot of Vampire Weekend in the coming weeks. This is what’s commonly referred to as an understatement. Contra’s out tomorrow (1/12), the reviews are in, and so far the promo campaign can scratch Letterman, The New Yorker, Best New Darjeeling Limited brothers, and now MTV Unplugged off its list. The MTV set includes three oldie hits (“A-Punk,” “M79,” and “Oxford Comma”) with three new ones (“White Sky,” “Run,” and “Cousins”), giving a good opportunity to see how the different albums work together. With all the talk about Contra’s production, it also offers a chance to see the new songs without it. In the song notes VW released to the press with Contra, Ezra Koenig said “White Sky” is a song that “picks up where M79 left off” and explains “similar people, similar geography, but, I think, a more developed sense of purpose.” Let’s start there.


“White Sky”

To keep the new thing going, “Run.”

You can watch the rest (including the Late Night-tested “Cousins”) at MTV. Plugging things back in, here’s the new B-Side “Giant” (which was once called “Little Giant,” lifers). It shows up on the Japanese and iTunes versions of Contra. Even if you can’t stand Vampire Weekend, this one might inspire some folks to research Robert Smithson, and you can’t complain about that. Listen at HypeM (via WeAllWantSomeone). Need more VW? Here’s Toy Selectah’s six-minute Contra Megamix: