Gigi – “Alone At The Pier”

After today, the ‘Gum Drop will be going on hiatus for a bit while we change mail providers. It will return with a spiffy new look. Before we pause we’re passing along “Alone At The Pier,” the Rose Melberg-sung standout from Gigi’s Maintenant (Tomlab, 2/10), a ’60s pop smorgesboard concocted by No Kids’ Nick Krgovich and producer Colin Stewart and featuring Owen Pallett, Karl Blau, and Mirah, among others. We spoke with Nick about the track.

Was the track written with Rose specifically in mind?
Actually none of the songs on the record were written for anyone in particular. When I think about it now that would be one of the first things I’d change if we ever do this again: pick the singer, make the song, figure out what key they like to sing in etc. The whole thing came together so haphazardly that a lot of practical things were done upside down. Luckily, Rose has a really rich lower range so she navigates the melody without a hitch.

Why did you decide to set the song on a pier? A lonesome place but one with a potential for flight (running away, travel, etc.)?
I had just seen Imitation of Life and A Summer Place and was thinking a lot about Sandra Dee when I made up this one. A pier seemed like a fitting late 50’s, red and white striped, kind of setting for the song. Rose reminds me of Sandra Dee a bit, and I love hearing her sing such a hopeless lyric. That impending sense of doom seems a bit out of step with her as a person. I think that’s one of the things I enjoy most about making up songs for other singers, having them sing things they probably never would otherwise.

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