New Fucked Up – “No Epiphany”

Toronto’s Fucked Up are longtime favorites, even after guitarist Mike Haliechuk, aka 10,000 Marbles, punked me. Honestly, that shit’s part of the charm. Beyond their playful “fuck you” attitude and old-school hardcore politics, they make great music: Hidden World was one of the best albums of 2006, and they’ve done a lot of good since then, including 2007’s “Year of the Pig” 12″, which Matador’s reissuing as an expanded EP later this month (7/22). Matador’s also putting out their second full-length The Chemistry Of Common Life in the fall. 10,000 Marbles told Matador it’s “basically about rebirth and the Sun. And lightning,” aka lightbulbs. “No Epiphany” is the first track made available from the record.

Fucked Up – No Epiphany” (MP3)

“No Epiphany”‘s wall-of-sound is carried through to the rest of the record, which includes French horn, flutes, organ, and etc., on top of the usual instrumentation. Guests include Katie Stelmanis and the Vivian Girls on vocals (remember, Fucked Up has a tune “Vivian Girls” on Hidden World, beating the band to the Darger-referencing front) along with ex-Deadly Snake Max McCabe-Locos on organ. Here, the backup vocals are via Cassie Ramone, Frankie Rose, and Kickball Katy.

The Chemistry Of Common Life is out 10/7 via Matador. A 7″ including two entirely different versions of “No Epiphany” will precede the album this fall.

[Photo by Cat Stevens]

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