Vampire Weekend Play Conan, KCRW

Thank god Vampire Weekend played Conan last night, that guy hasn’t been in the headlines for ages now. Just kidding, shit is bananas over there. It’s interesting how moving Leno to 10PM didn’t kill NBC’s drama programming so much as shift it to late night, where it don’t belong. But, you know, old habits. Videogum’s been covering NBC’s reactionary and plot-losing Tonight Show stratagems better than anyone on the web, but in case you missed Conan’s embittered yet hilarious monologue last night (and all the other talk show hosts’, as it turns out), watch here. It was straight fire; NBC, ya burnt.

An hour into the show came Vampire Weekend, the only band whose Google Alerts are competing with CoCo’s this week, indulging in the media saturation that comes with releasing another set of uncannily charming pop songs. “Cousins” was their song of choice for The Tonight Show, curious because they just did it just last week for Letterman (who gets higher ratings!)(until after the Olympics at least!). But they gave Conan a little something special with a string section, a bells section, and confetti. (Still no tape art.) That’s nice of them, because Conan loves these guys. And it’s mutual.

The band had that string and horn section in tow when they swung into the KCRW studios for this Morning Becomes Eclectic session:I think ur aware Contra is out. VW play an ice rink on Thursday. Hockey photo above by Dale May for TONY.