The Mountain Goats Transcendental Youth Details

Many, many big album announcements this morning! Here’s another one: John Darnielle’s great Mountain Goats have completed their umpteen millionth studio LP. (Actually, their 15th.) It’s called Transcendental Youth, and it features a bunch of songs that John Darnielle recently debuted onstage with Owen Pallett and the classical vocal group Anonymous 4, though neither of them appear on the actual album. It’s also the first album where Darnielle has a full-time horn section backing him up. Below, We’ve got the tracklist.

01 “Amy AKA Spent Gladiator 1″
02 “Lakeside View Apartments Suite”
03 “Cry For Judas”
04 “Harlem Roulette”
05 “White Cedar”
06 “Until I Am Whole”
07 “Night Light”
08 “The Diaz Brothers”
09 “Counterfeit Florida Plates”
10 “In Memory of Satan”
11 “Spent Gladiator 2″
12 “Transcendental Youth”

Trancendental Youth is out 10/2 on Merge.