New Eels – “End Times” (Stereogum Premiere)

E’s back with a new self-produced album next week. We’ve been making some noise about it — it’s his best since Daisies. “End Times” is the track that gives the collection its name, a three-minute distillation of the record’s sublime despondence. It’s stripped and raw — just a scraggly weatherbeaten voice, a guitar, and the faint hum of a Rhodes — and quietly devastating. Puddles and cats in heat and a town crier claiming the apocalypse is here. Peripheral details of city life easily absorbed or ignored by most, but not by the broken-hearted; for the broken-hearted these are fundamental facts mirroring an inner-world fallen apart. It ends: “I can hear it loud and clear / the world is ending and what do I care / she’s gone end times are here.” Cry into your coffee cup:

End Times is out 1/19 via Vagrant. It’s available in a number of formats, including vinyl.

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