Sonic Youth @ Battery Park, NYC 7/4/08

Photos by Abbey Braden © 2008 Downtown Alliance

Although much of the city takes the long Independence weekend to make trips to the Hamptons or other places that will sound very impressive upon returning to work today, this annual migration isn’t for dearth of city options. Aside from all your favorite neighborhoods being much more manageable than usual (see: previously cited migratory patterns of douchebags), there are drink specials in bars, rooftop BBQs, multiple fireworks displays, and lots of free concerts. Like last year’s New Pornos show, Battery Park hosted the big indie option compliments of the Feelies & Sonic Youth’s much hailed sets. In the name of America, we asked Abbey Braden to take some photos and Cameron Cook to capture the happenings video style. They are patriotic people and so they accepted. Unfortunately we have no Feelies shots to share, but please find Abbey and Cameron’s A/V work on Sonic Youth below, along with multiple clips of Thurston kicking up shit in the photo pit.

“Bull In The Heather”

Thurston is young at heart. Photographers are so good at being smashed by guitars. God bless America.

01 “She is Not Alone”
02 “Bull In the Heather”
03 “Silver Rocket”
04 “Skip Tracer”
05 “The Sprawl”
06 “The World Looks Red”
07 “Jams Runs Free”
08 “Hey Joni”
09 “‘Cross the Breeze”
10 “The Wonder”
11 “Hyperstation”
12 “Drunken Butterfly”
13 “Nature Scene”
14 “Pink Steam”
15 “Schizophrenia”
16 “100%”

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