New Rainbow Bridge Video – “Big Wave Rider”

Here’s Rainbow Bridge, a different rainbow-named boy/girl electric-guitar-and-drums duo than profiled here earlier, with a winter-released video for a song that made its waves this past summer. It’s low blood pressure but tidal, built for slackers and surfers — staking its Real Estate on the West Coast — and the copious references to boards, gnarly sessions, and surfer girls shooting curls really require no unpacking. What you won’t catch in this worry-free wetsuit jam is what brought Adam Croce and Bridget O’Brien Smith together: “We are connected by the 23 enigma,” they told SFGB, their name a reference to the “2012 Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge meditation [which] is said to be able to spiritually unify the planet.” Clearly it’s important to them — 23 figures into their MySpace handle — but there’s nothing enigmatic about “Big Wave Rider,” its numerological basis less in 23 than hanging on 10s. The spirit’s in the surf:

(via P4K)

Rainbow Bridge – “Big Wave Rider” (MP3)

The “Big Wave Rider” single b/w “Birdcage” is out via True Panther Sounds. News on an album is expected soon.