Stereogum v by:Larm 2010 Lineup

Next month Stereogum heads to Oslo to present a night of music at by:Larm. Unlike the Stateside festivals we attend, by:Larm is stocked entirely with Scandinavian acts (for their purposes, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway). Brandon attended the Trondheim version a couple years ago and can attest to the fun (and cold) that’ll be had. Our showcase — Stereogum v by:Larm 2010 — takes place Friday, 2/19 at Stratos in Oslo. As an added bonus, we’ll be DJing between the sets. Somewhat intimidating for us? Prins Thomas buddy diskjokke closes out our night.

The lineup starts with Icelandic visual artist/Kitchen Motorist/Big Band Brutalist/ex-Spunk noisemaker Kira Kira at 9PM. She’ll be joined on stage by Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson on trumpet and electronics. That set’s followed by followed by young Norwegian Dungen-and-Death-Cab digging pop crew Kråkesølv at 10:30. The excellently heavy project of ex-JR Ewing dude Andreas Tylden, noisy multi-tasker Sten Ove Toft, and others Altaar (who easily cite John Cage, Bathory, Burial Hex, and weirdo jazz in one breath) go on and explode eardrums at 11:30. We make it past the witching hour with young psychedelic Spaceman 3/VU-nodding Finnish trio Joensuu 1685, brothers Mikko Joensuu and Markus Joensuu and unrelated pal Risto Joensuu, at 12:30 and the aforementioned diskJokke, aka Joachim Dyrdahl, at 1:30.

The by:Larm festival takes place February 18-20 at various venues in Oslo, Norway. Again, our show’s the 19th at Stratos. You know, if you’re in the area. You’ll find more information at We’ll pass along updates, too, and will be Tweeting in Norwegian soon enough. (We will not be Tweeting in Norwegian.)

Thanks to Michael Mahon for making the poster!