Chelsea Light Moving – “Groovy & Linda”

A couple weeks back we got our first listen to Chelsea Light Moving, the new project from Thurston Moore, along with Keith Wood (of Hush Arbors), Samara Lubelski (of the Sonora Pine, Jackie-O Motherfucker, etc.), and John Moloney (of Sunburned Hand Of The Man). Today, the band gives us a second taste. “Groovy And Linda” is relatively subdued compared to the more anarchic “Burroughs,” but it’s far from the lovely, melancholic Thurston we got on Demolished Thoughts or Trees Outside The Academy. The guitars squeal and skronk and Thurston lazily requests that you “Don’t shoot/We are your children.” According to the man himself (via Matador): “This chug n’ shred burner is a psycho reflection of late 60s NYC East Village hippie idealism slayed and splayed in an Avenue B tenement boiler room. Groovy was the boy born James Leroy Hutchinson from modest American means and Linda was Linda Fitzpatrick, she from a privileged nuclear household, both runaways to the lysergic pulchritude of peace, love and marijuana.” This album’s gonna rule. Download “Groovy And Linda” for proof.

Chelsea Light Moving – “Groovy And Linda”