New Air Video – “So Light Is Her Footfall”

When we posted Air’s “So Light Is Her Footfall,” Amrit speculated the Love 2 track would work well as the soundtrack for a bit of “film-noir intrigue”:

Perhaps a private dick following a lovely mademoiselle as she lightly steps down shadowy corridors all alone alone alone alone alone alone alone. Dunckel and Godin don’t explain why they suddenly start talking about her footfall in the past tense later in the song, but that’s what we have videos for.

Pretty prescient, Amrit, but why no mention of the panther?

Thanks for the tip, Iulian. And, speaking of noirish intrigue — or at least black and white silliness — the French duo soundtracked an advertisement for Walker Crisps. NSFW? Not really. Think of it as an Abercrombie & Fitch ad about crisps that “are baked not fried, for 70% less fat than regular Walkers crisps.” It was shot in South Africa and stars deflated BBC sportscaster Gary Lineker.

Love 2 is out via Astralwerks.

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