New Lackthereof (Danny Seim Of Menomena) – “Last November”

There’s a reason the drummer from Menomena always sounds so awesome when he sings in the deconstructive pop crew’s three-part harmony arrangements: It’s because the drummer from Menomena’s a singer. And a songwriter. And has been, under the name Lackthereof, since 1997. Danny Seim’s bio for the Lackthereof makes specific mention that it was Menomena that was intended to be the side project, and it’s fun to continue thinking of his artistic output in those terms, especially since this first song from his forthcoming Barsuk LP Your Anchor, is a good one.

Lackthereof – “Last November” (MP3)

Surprise, pretty Menomena-y, although a little less experimental, which is a fair expectation from a singer-songwriter project as opposed to an outfit reconciling three legitimate, restless songwriting talents. Your Anchor is out 7/22 via Barsuk. Danny’s got a show coming up at Holoscene in Portland on July 17th. You can hear more at MySpace, and if you want to be a Lackthereof completist, get cracking: this is his ninth full-length.

[Photo by Alicia J. Rose, who loves taking pictures of Danny shirtless]