New Albert Hammond, Jr. Video – “GfC”

You’ve heard the song, you’ve streamed the album, and now you can simulate dropping acid while having the audio-visual realization that Hambone Jr. is making a case for Top Stroke. Quoth Goldenfiddle: “…now he’s starting to make you look bad, Casablancas.” Pretty much, yeah.

Happy trails:

Albert Hammond, Jr. – “GfC” (MP3)

¿Cómo Te Llama? is out as of today (7/8) via Black Seal. Albert played a show at Mercury Lounge the other week for his favorite friends, hangers on, models, and (a + b + c =) Agyness Deyn. We weren’t there, but FADER was:

“Everyone Gets A Star”

“In My Room”