Turntable Interview

Turntable Interview: Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is a 19 year old Daytona Beach native who is making waves in the hip-hop world with her homespun raps about Justin Bieber. The pint-sized redhead is the poster girl for a new wave of hip hop with perfect eyeliner, an active Tumblr, and no apparent fear of oversharing. Her new EP (and past Mixtape Of The Week) haha i’m sorry has Pryde holed up in her bedroom singing about drunk dials, an endearing Carly Rae Jepsen spoof called “Give Me Scabies,” and a duet with viral rap weirdo Riff Raff. Kitty hopped on Turntable.fm and we spun some tunes and talked Danny Brown, her first NYC show, and whether or not she is killing hip hop.

@kttydothedishes started playing “I’m da Ish Bih” by GRANT

KITTY PRYDE: hey! so whats the plan here heheh. wait you have to be a DJ too
STEREOGUM: I’m DJing too! I was just putting on lipstick, because you know
KITTY PRYDE: oh i understand completely
STEREOGUM: So how was your first NYC show?
KITTY PRYDE:it was ridiculous. i wasn’t scared until it was almost over

@woolyknickers started playing “212” by Lazy Jay

STEREOGUM: That’s not bad, but what happened to scare you at the end?
KITTY PRYDE: well i guess i should have been scared the whole time really, but i wasn’t nervous at all because everyone i love most was around and i had a big crew of black guys who were opening for me backstage hyping me up. there were like photographers and reporters everywhere and i was just excited until i got onstage and did my best and people were just standing there staring at me. it felt like it was all falling apart but my brother was standing next to me fist pumping so i decided it was just a hilarious situation and went with it
STEREOGUM: Aww yeah New York can be like that. Your little brother made a big impression at that show.

@kttydothedishes started playing “Pullin’ Me Back” by Chingy

KITTY PRYDE: i noticed. everyone talked about him. he’s probably going to get a record deal and i’m not. good thing he has that haircut or else people might have noticed that i was onstage too.
STEREOGUM: Hahhaha. What label would you like to sign with? We can start spreading the word.
KITTY PRYDE: hahaha I have no idea….I don’t know anything about any of them. I know katy perry is starting one. she’s cute. i wanna be on hers. it will probably have a cute name.
STEREOGUM: Yeah, I wasn’t sure how I felt about her until I found out her cat is named Kitty Purry. Now I love her. Have labels been calling at all?
KITTY PRYDE: yeah, but my manager talks to them. he knows i live in a bubble of happy sunshine where i assume that nobody will ever hurt me, so he keeps me from talking to people that could potentially ruin that facade.
STEREOGUM: Aww that’s a good a manager! Riff Raff is putting out an album on Diplo’s label, right?

@woolyknickers started playing “Syrup & Soda” by Riff Raff Sodmg

KITTY PRYDE: yes! riff raff just signed a huge deal with diplo. i heard it was for like five albums or something, but i don’t know
STEREOGUM: What was Riff Raff like in person?
KITTY PRYDE: exactly the same as he is in videos.
STEREOGUM: Seriously?
KITTY PRYDE: people keep asking me if it’s an act, and i’m just like, if that’s an act then he must be very devoted.
STEREOGUM: That’s amazing. How did you two hook up for “Orion’s Belt”?
KITTY PRYDE: apparently someone sent him my “justin bieber” song where i shout him out, and it was like right after the okay cupid video started pissing people off on the internet and he tweeted at me and was like “lets do a song together”
STEREOGUM: And then history was made
KITTY PRYDE: and i was like, sure, and sent him some beats that beautiful lou had sent me. he wrote his part of the song, and did some riff raff magic that i couldn’t begin to understand the mechanics of, and then he was just suddenly in daytona
STEREOGUM: Wow! Did you have a video planned out? Or did you just roll with it?
KITTY PRYDE: nope, riff raff made all of that shit up as he went, and our director was also awesome. he was really cute too. the director…not riff raff. riff raff looks too much like my dad.
STEREOGUM: Hahahaha your dad must be cool, because not too many peoples dads look like Riff Raff.
KITTY PRYDE: well, he looks like a clean cut version of riff raff. With 50s hair.
STEREOGUM: No zubaz pants?
KITTY PRYDE: unfortunately no

@kttydothedishes started playing “Radio Song” by Danny Brown

STEREOGUM: Who else would you like to collaborate with?
KITTY PRYDE: danny brown
STEREOGUM:Yeah! Since he already likes you do you think it’s possible?
KITTY PRYDE: yeah. i’m pretty sure. i also long to do a song with chief keef but i feel like that will never happen
STEREOGUM: Well he did let Chris Brown do that Drake diss on his last song, so anything is possible.
KITTY PRYDE: i just want to meet him. i feel like that would be enough for me.
STEREOGUM: In this track Danny Brown says white rappers only want radio play. Do you feel like that applies to you at all?

@woolyknickers started playing “Beez In The Trap (Feat. 2 Chainz)” by Nicki Minaj

KITTY PRYDE: no way man. that’s like the opposite of me. when people started listening to my music i was very confused
STEREOGUM: But isn’t that what happens when you YouTube and Tumblr your songs?
KITTY PRYDE: yeah, but my youtube and tumblr had never had that wide of an audience
STEREOGUM: So you didn’t expect anyone to hear your music?
KITTY PRYDE: at that point, the only people who listened were people who actually wanted to be listening
STEREOGUM: So this must all be kind of a big surprise.
KITTY PRYDE: pretty much the best surprise ever
STEREOGUM: So are you happy with your music being out there now?
KITTY PRYDE: yeah! i was all about having fun with it and now i get more and more opportunities to do fun stuff. i’ve already done the coolest stuff.
STEREOGUM: What’s been the coolest thing so far?

@kttydothedishes started playing “SPACEGHOSTPURRP – SVCK V DICK FXR 2011 | SUCK A DICK FOR 2011 | PROD . BY HIMSELF” by SPACEGHOSTPURRP

KITTY PRYDE: meeting danny brown. the mark mcnairy photoshoot.
STEREOGUM: Do you think you’re going to stay in Florida or are you going to come to NYC or LA?
KITTY PRYDE: i’m gonna stay in florida for now, but maybe i’ll move to new york someday. i dunno. depends on what happens!
STEREOGUM: Can I ask a total mom question?
STEREOGUM: You used to say you wanted to go to BU. Do you still have any interest in college?

@woolyknickers started playing “Never Will Be Mine (Feat. Robyn)” by Rye Rye

KITTY PRYDE: im almost done with college! i started college when i was 16
STEREOGUM: Wow. Really? What are you studying?
KITTY PRYDE: interpersonal communications. i have about a semester left before i have my bachelor’s degree, so i am taking a little time off to do all this stuff.
STEREOGUM: Awesome. What is interpersonal communications? It sounds like majoring in YouTube.
KITTY PRYDE: it’s pretty broad. it envelopes public relations and marketing and stuff like that- learning how people communicate with each other so you can effectively communicate with them. i wanted to go into PR
STEREOGUM: So do have a PR team yet?

@kttydothedishes started playing “Gigolo” by Nick Cannon

STEREOGUM: It’s Mr. Mariah Carey!
KITTY PRYDE: he was the love of my life in 5th grade
STEREOGUM: What would be the most surprising song on your iTunes?
KITTY PRYDE: surprising. hm
STEREOGUM: And do you think Nick Cannon influenced your style?
KITTY PRYDE: either the 1999 edition of the universal studios soundtrack, or the entire dopethrone album by electric wizard i guess. i think all of that top 40s hip hop of the early 2000s influenced me
STEREOGUM: What is on the Universal Studios soundtrack?
KITTY PRYDE: i went to a very christian, conservative, teensy, private elementary school. it’s the background music they play in different areas of the park…hahah
STEREOGUM: Hahaha you can buy that?
KITTY PRYDE: you used to be able to…..now it takes hours of digging through torrents to find it
STEREOGUM: If you get signed to a label are you going to start telling the kids: NO TORRENTS

@woolyknickers started playing “Cudi Zone” by Kid Cudi

KITTY PRYDE: i put my own mediafire links on my bandcamp, hahaha. why should people have to pay for something it didn’t cost me any money to make?
STEREOGUM: That’s like the ultimate jk and…um can I have my dollar back?
KITTY PRYDE: hey man….you’re the fool that paid the dollar. i already spent that bitch on a cheeseburger
STEREOGUM: Hahaha. Fair enough. I like “okay cupid” so much I would send you another dollar. Or I could mail you a cheeseburger.
KITTY PRYDE: either way
STEREOGUM: What was the last album you actually bought?
: oh man. i think it was XXX: i don’t pay for music very much…… sometimes if i like an album a lot, even after i download it for free, i’ll buy it. i don’t know what my rationalization is there
STEREOGUM: Supporting what you love! Right?
KITTY PRYDE: i guess!
STEREOGUM: Are you working on a new album yet?
KITTY PRYDE: yes! it’s gonna be awesome. it’s gonna be like haha i’m sorry, but with really cool features and really good production and just better

@kttydothedishes started playing “soft and sweet” by dear marje

STEREOGUM: You said that Beautiful Lou sent you beats for “Orion’s Belt.” How do you get most of your beats?
KITTY PRYDE: people just email them to me.
STEREOGUM: Really? Just like, hey I made this.
KITTY PRYDE: well, that’s how i get a lot of beats. i guess i get the ones i use from different places. im really picky. beautiful lou will send me a whole bunch and i’ll pick a couple that i like.
STEREOGUM: And when you write lyrics do you actually write them down or do you just flow?
KITTY PRYDE: i write them down. sometimes ill be somewhere and accidentally think of something that flows and then ill have to text it to myself and then sit down later and work it into something

@woolyknickers started playing “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn

STEREOGUM: Did you ever think you’d grow up to a rapper?
KITTY PRYDE: no way man. never in a million years.
STEREOGUM: What made you give it a whirl the first time?
KITTY PRYDE: oh i dunno, i was mad at my ex boyfriend and messing around on garageband.
STEREOGUM: I think ex boyfriends are at the root of a lot of music
KITTY PRYDE: yeah man check out adele

@kttydothedishes started playing “Untitled” by Unknown

STEREOGUM: Seriously! I sometimes wonder if she would be famous if she hadn’t gotten dumped. What’s this song?
KITTY PRYDE: love you down – inoj. this is what i get for illegally downloading music!
STEREOGUM: Ha! Do you think you (and Kreayshawn) are killing hip hop?
KITTY PRYDE: no, i don’t think either of us are killing hip hop. we’re just doing it our own way. maybe we’re killing some imaginary constraints that a few buttheads put on hip hop. but i think that might be a good thing?
STEREOGUM: I agree. And I think Nicki Minaj is one of the best things to happen to hip-hop in a while.
KITTY PRYDE: yeah, nicki minaj rules.
STEREOGUM: And you and kreayshawn and Azealia Banks
KITTY PRYDE: did azealia really quit rap?
STEREOGUM: I think not. I think she fired her manager. She just released a new track yesterday

@woolyknickers started playing “Forever” by Haim

KITTY PRYDE: well that’s a good things. she seemed a lil upset for a while there. i can see why she did though
KITTY PRYDE: yeah, i mean i don’t know what happened but i saw a lot of stuff about her talking about being unhappy with things people were saying on blogs
STEREOGUM: The internet can be a cruel place.
KITTY PRYDE: it’s also a hilarious place. just depends on how you think about it
STEREOGUM: You’ve run into that too, right?
KITTY PRYDE: yeah i’ve definitely seen a lot of people spending a lot of time trying to pick apart my music
STEREOGUM: Right, like earlier you mentioned that okay cupid was pissing people off on the internet.
KITTY PRYDE: hahahaha yes it was awesome
STEREOGUM: Why do you think people were mad?
KITTY PRYDE: i have no idea!!! i can’t figure it out. people make silly videos on youtube all the time. i don’t know why they picked mine.
STEREOGUM: It’s easy for people to be mean on the internet.
KITTY PRYDE: yeah, i don’t take a lot of that stuff to heart
STEREOGUM: Because it’s anonymous and they don’t have to say it to your face.
KITTY PRYDE: exactly!! i’ve seen people write the most horrible things and then when i run into them in real life, they’re all nice to me. It’s just silly

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STEREOGUM: Totally. Do you think young girls could see you as a role model?
KITTY PRYDE: i hope not. i have nothing to offer them other than like….optimism maybe??? it’s not like they can be like, oh i wish i looked just like kitty or something like that
KITTY PRYDE:”i wish i did adderall and had a lot of bruises like kitty pryde!”
STEREOGUM: Well, their parents may not like that
KITTY PRYDE: I don’t have anything special for them to look up to!
STEREOGUM: But you do! You show that a girl can make goofy videos in her bedroom and meet danny brown.
KITTY PRYDE: that’s true. i wish everyone got to have an experience like my meeting danny brown experience
STEREOGUM: What was it like? And where did you meet him?
KITTY PRYDE: It was the best thing ever. hes probably going to read this or watch this or however you do it, because he reads all my interviews and shit, so it’s creepy to be saying this, maybe.
KITTY PRYDE: Okay you know how in the justin bieber movie, he’ll call a girl onstage and sing to her and give her flowers and shit? I felt like I was that girl. I was crying and freaking the fuck out. except i was at a photoshoot where i had to like, be cute and smile and shit and hold it together.

@woolyknickers started playing “Nathan (Feat. Styles P)” by Azealia Banks

STEREOGUM:awwww. This is the new Azealia Banks btw
KITTY PRYDE: ooh i like it already. she rules
STEREOGUM: She does. She raps soooo quickly, too.
KITTY PRYDE: anyway so my mom was there too, and she wore her like. business lady outfit and told me to hold it together. she was like “i know you love this guy but you need to be cool”
STEREOGUM: That’s good advice
KITTY PRYDE: yeah, she needs to be around at all times. i’m so bad at keeping my cool
STEREOGUM: Awww. Are your parents supportive? I know they were both at the NYC show.

KITTY PRYDE: yeah dude, they think this is awesome. they didn’t even care that i said “masturbate” onstage
STEREOGUM: Or that you talk about adderall a lot?

@kttydothedishes started playing “Hard in da Paint” by GRANT

KITTY PRYDE: I think they think I’m joking or something
STEREOGUM: Ha! So last question: When can we expect new tracks and a return to NYC? Oh, that’s two questions.
KITTY PRYDE: i’m working hard on this album. it’ll be out this year. i wanna release a new song in august, like a single or WHATEVER, and i’ll probably just put out random junk in between. i’ll be in NYC in august, too! i forget what day. i have a show there
STEREOGUM: Nice. I’ll be there. Well thank you for chatting with me!
KITTY PRYDE: okay (33333 cool nothing works on here
STEREOGUM: Nope! But I got it! bye!