New Nisennenmondai – “Pop Group”

The pulsing, looping all-girl Japanese trio Nisennenmondai (translated “Year 2000 Problem”) don’t bother hiding or obscuring their influences: Their forthcoming Neiji/Tori includes song titles like “This Heat” and “Sonic Youth.” You could also add Neu!, a heavy dose of No New York with (again) longer Kraut-style reps, a bit of Lighting Bolt (see “2534”), and some of Silver Apples’ and ESG’s swing. Don’t get the wrong idea, though, it’s not simply old sounds rehashed: The group puts their own twist on groove-based, gloriously repetitious noise-rock.

Sayaka Himeno (drums), Yuri Zaikawa (bass), and Masako Takada (guitar) have been playing together for almost a decade, have big supporters/fans themselves (Hella, Prefuse 73, Plastic Crimewave Sound, etc.) … Neiji/Tori is just their first international release outside of Japan. The album’s opener is the ecstatic “Pop Group.” The heavily distorted, percussive opening might make you think of Liars.

Nisennenmondai – “Pop Group” (MP3)

You can hear more and check out their European tour dates at MySpace.

Neji/Tori is out 7/29 on Smalltown Supersound.