Dysrhythmia – “Running Towards The End” (Stereogum Premiere)

Generally speaking, my musical palate rejects any artist whose chosen subgenre somewhere includes the word “technical,” but I don’t see how you describe Dysrhythmia without mentioning their technical prowess, and man do I love that band. The NYC-based instrumental trio comprises guitarists Kevin Hufnagel (Vaura, Gorguts) and Colin Marston (Krallice), and drummer Jeff Eber. Gorguts and Krallice are pretty good reference points here, as both those bands use astonishing virtuosity to bend their genres’ oft-rigid parameters into Moebius strips; another good one is Cynic, who play a form of death metal that’s more like Laswellian ambient-jazz fusion than Cannibal Corpse. But that makes it sound so horrible! And it’s so good! Dysrhythmia’s new album, Test Of Submission, is being released by the venerable Profound Lore next month. We’ve got a premiere of “Running Towards The End” — one of the album’s (many) highlights — here, now. Listen.

Dysrhythmia – “Running Towards The End”

Test Of Submission is out 8/28 via Profound Lore.