New Verve Video – “Love Is Noise”

On the Verve’s comeback single “Love Is Noise,” Ashcroft & Co. go Forth and sample. Not that sampling is a new move (royalties issues can be so “Bittersweet”), but “Love Is Noise” takes their prerecorded usage in a loop-ier direction to mixed reviews. I like it better now than when we heard it at Coachella, for what that’s worth, and the video is another positive step in the band not-embarrassing themselves in releasing new material, which I always feel is a good but tough thing for bands to do when trying to recapture past glory. Pretty literal: The “soles of China” is paired with theatrics in China, the declaration of love’s noisiness gets paired with lovers in noisy environs, but mostly you love it for the requisite tight shots of the angled face that (sorta) rocked Indio.

Add that to “Sit And Wonder” and “Mover” and it’s so much more post-millennial Verve than I ever thought we’d get. I’m cool with it. Forth is out on the band’s own imprint On Our Own 8/19 in the US via Megaforce/RED and internationally 8/18 via EMI.