9. Binaural (2000): There must be someone out there who will claim Binaural as his or her favorite Pearl Jam album, but I can’t find that person. (A cursory Google search including the terms “Binaural,” “favorite,” “Pearl Jam” and “album” yielded nada, but maybe I had to go more than five pages deep.) It’s not always the mediocrity-slog it’s made out to be — Pearl Jam always claims Fugazi as a philosophical model, but “Evacuation” actually has a bit of Fugazi in the music, too — but it is a lot of work for very little reward. The rockers are a lot better than the slow songs (I’m hesitant to call them “ballads,” because to me they feel lacking in the emotion required by that word) and there are too damn many slow songs. Still, if I were making a Pearl Jam mix, “God’s Dice” would be somewhere on there.