Be Kanye By Drinking More Vodka

Last week, you might have seen the Kanye Absolut Vodka commercial floating around — the one with West’s head floating around in a glass of the strong stuff like Alka-Seltzers with attitude. If not, here it is. The idea is that Absolut partnered with “Visionaries” in creative fields who were instructed to dream up what life would be like “In An Absolut World.” Visionaries like Zach Galifiankis and Tim and Eric. We thought the made-for-viral video was amusing (Kanye-infused Apple Martini, please), but they’ve stepped it up a notch. This weekend, we stumbled upon a print ad in the Personals section of New York Magazine.

Pretty funny and subtle. Or, more so than this. Of course, there’s also a website. Maybe Kanye should stop blaming Bonnaroo for Bonnaroo and fess up to one too many Lemon Drops.

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