Sigur Rós – “Ég Anda” Video (Mystery Film Experiment Version)

Listening to Sigur Rós can feel a lot like you’re living inside that scene from American Beauty with the plastic bag flying around in the wind (“Sometimes there’s so much beauty in this world…”), and so this Ramin Bahrani-directed video of “Ég Anda” pretty much nails it: It’s essentially a montage of this world’s basic marvels, from an out-of-water fish gulping for oxygen and suffocating in open air (such irony), to wise-eyed goats, pensive chickens, heartbreaking foliage, heartbreaking glass condos, bridges, helicopters, construction sites. They’re all meticulously shot, though mostly common sights that are given a tremendous sense of chest-aching significance and melodrama thanks to Sigur Rós’s spiritual, spectral, swelling keyboard sounds and Jonsí’s vocal. Sorta like a bag flying around in the wind. It’ll probably make you cry, like everything Sigur Rós does. It comes as part of the band’s “Mystery Film Experiment,” via which they’ve given modest budgets and carte blanche to a few filmmakers, to make vides for their valtari record in a manner that “bypass[es] the usual artistic approval process and allow[s] people utmost creative freedom.” (This is the same project that turned out that Shia naked clip.) It’s a bag blowing in the wind, and it’s below:

Valtari is out. More on the Mystery Film Experiment at the band’s site. Previously the band had released a video for “Ég Anda” that wasn’t part of this series, and a couple that were: “Varúð“, “Rembihnútur,” and “Fjögur Píanó.”