Vampire Weekend Bring “Horchata” To Ferguson, London Ice Rink

Vampire Weekend continued their Contra goodwill tour by performing “Horchata” on Craig Ferguson yesterday, a week after offering “Cousins” to both Conan and Letterman. They did it with strings (via the Calder Quartet) but sans the horns they’d been spotted with in other parts of Los Angeles. For all these bells and whistles, though, as Ferguson notes, “They’re indie rockers, really.” (Which is what Tom DeLonge found out the awkward way.)

That was pre-recorded in the afternoon, of course: Yesterday Vampire Weekend also performed a free show on an ice skating rink at London’s Somerset House Courtyard. They had technical problems during “Horchata.” As NME reports:

[S]econds into penultimate song “Horchata,” the venue’s power cut out on the band, rendering them almost inaudible. While technicians tried to fix the issue and the ice rink was cleared for safety reasons the band played on unaware, only to be told of the problem at the end of the song.

With microphones initially not working for the next song either, the band – who played from a balcony above the audience – could do little but wave and shrug their shoulders to the audience, though drummer Chris Tomson used the break to take a photograph of the crowd.

However after roughly 10 minutes, technicians were able to power the PA meaning the band could be heard, albeit quieter than before.

“Well fuck, that was unfortunate,” Koenig told to the audience, before apologising for running over schedule.

Speaking of schedules, the guys are back in New York by Sunday for a show at United Palace Theater.

Contra is out via XL.