Guided by Voices – “Keep It In Motion” Video (Feat. Jon Glaser)

GBV’s “Keep It In Motion” comes from the “classic” lineup’s second full-length this year. First of all, that these indie elders are producing at this clip, let alone with results as assured and ingratiating as “Keep It In Motion,” should throw most young rock-band whippersnappers headlong into a deep shame spiral. And with the video for “Motion,” Pollard’s company show they’re still plugged in and possess a keen eye for talent: This clip stars Jon Glaser and Jon Glaser alone — the youngest person on my longrunning list of lifechampions, star of Adult Swim’s Delocated and MVP of our bowling series, The ‘Gum Bowl — so it’s already great in theory. And It’s a fun watch on its own terms, though thinking about in conjunction with Jon’s work on Delocated makes it pretty special: Here Glaser’s a phenomenally well groomed magician, mugging in the mirror to exercise his presentational chops without saying a word; in Delocated he milks laughs without ever removing his ski mask, relying on everything but his face. That’s range. He good at it. Watch:

“Keep It In Motion” comes from Class Clown Spots A UFO, which is out.