Bob Dylan Tempest Details

Pretty soon, we’ll no longer live in a world where the most recent Bob Dylan studio album is a goofy Christmas thing that he may have recorded as an elaborately dark joke at the entire universe’s expense. Tempest, Dylan’s new one, is coming in September, and its release is timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of his debut album. Dylan produced the album himself under his Jack Frost moniker, and we’ve got the tracklist below.

01 “Duquesne Whistle”
02 “Soon After Midnight”
03 “Narrow Way”
04 “Long And Wasted Years”
05 “Pay In Blood”
06 “Scarlet Town”
07 “Early Roman Kings”
08 “Tin Angel”
09 “Tempest”
10 “Roll On John”

Tempest is out 9/11 on Columbia.

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