The Hold Steady Stay Positive For AOL

The good people at AmericaOL have kindly used their vast resources to alleviate some of the pain of this glacial news cycle with an Interface session starring the Hold Steady. We got to hear some of these tunes a few Sundays ago at the kickoff of the final summer of the McCarren Pool Parties (the Breeders this Sunday). Today there’s less rain and less liquor involved, but just as much focus on standout Stay Positive tracks.

“Stay Positive”

“Sequestered In Memphis”

“Constructive Summer”

If you head over you can watch “Navy Sheets,” “Joke About Jamaica,” and watch a cool interview with Tad and Craig talking about what it means to age gracefully and stay positive as a rock band moving into your late 30s. I liked this quote:

I think the record in general is about the struggle to age gracefully, which in rock ‘n’ roll is an especially tricky business … We’re doing this for a living and it’s great … but you also wanna have some normal things. I like to go out to dinner with my high school friends — one might be a school teacher, one might be a banker — and have a normal conversation and not be all rock ‘n’ roll all the time. But at the same time we love what we do; the idea is to take some of the ideals you have as a youth and bring them to adult situations and adult responsibilities.

Also, you kids with “going out” blogs — if you see Craig Finn out and report he’s “totally wasted,” you’re probably wrong, and you’re just beholden to the misconception about how much the Hold Steady drinks. (Thankfully, the Hold Steady seem to understand how that misconception took hold.) By the way Tad, it’s Eight Men Out, not Seven Men Out, and agreed.

Stay Positive is out via Vagrant.