Airbird – “Free Mind”

Joel Ford of Ford & Lopatin’s solo project Airbird has an EP on the way called Romance Layers, a title that has some bearing on his approach to new single “Free Mind”: FADER points out that Airbird used legitimix to secure cheap rights to sample Mariah Carey’s vocal from “Prisoner,” and the legitimix page states that he then chopped-up that clip, piling new synths, noise, and drum programming on top. So there’s your layered romance, or at least your impassioned stacks, as Airbird twists an uptempo Carey cut into an ’80s-phased, expertly looped Chirp & Bloop electro jammer. Also, this has been a good commercial for legitimix as a new avenue for budget-bound remix maestros on the make. Hear it, for it bangs (before detonating into a soothing, sci-fi exeunt):

Romance Layers is out soon. This is Airbird’s second EP this year, and follows up Trust.