Joanna Newsom Previews Have One On Me In Oz

The Joanna news kicked up unexpectedly a week ago via comic strip, just as we were getting used to copping all our Newsom news from fashion mags. The main motto is Have One On Me, which will not only be the title of the followup to Ys but by the look of setlists from a pair of shows this week in Australia, also that of a “mini-epic” of a song, one that is “stormy and exciting … with 48 different directions” featuring “different genres and styles” than we’re used to. That expectation-raising mouthful comes via Oceans Never Listen, who recapped Joanna’s show Monday night at the Sydney Opera House. It was her birthday! And to celebrate, she played a few new ones:

“Jack Rabbits (Love You Again)”

[New Song]

[New Song]

We’ll update with titles as we learn ‘em.

Have One On Me is out 2/23 via Drag City. In the meantime, check out her method acting. And here’s the setlist from Sydney:

01 “Jack Rabbits (Love You Again)”
02 “Bridges And Balloons”
03 “Have One On Me”
04 “Ribbon Bows”
05 “In California”
06 “Easy”
97 “Inflammatory Writ”
08 “Soft As Chalk”
09 “Autumn”
10 “Emily”
11 “Peach, Plum, Pear”
12 “’81”
13 “The Book Of Right-On”
14 “Colleen”

[Screengrab and YouTubes via CloudedSunny.]

UPDATE: NME reports that will be a triple LP!