New Coldplay – “Death Will Never Conquer”

New Coldplay b-side, guys. They write:

Tonight’s the first night of our tour. To say thank you to everyone who’s bought tickets and supported us, here’s a new song called “Death Will Never Conquer.” You’ll hear it at the concerts with a twist…

If you want to keep the “twist” suspense don’t read the rest of this post and just download it at But if you love SPOILERS…

At the MSG show they played this song in the crowd, after “Yellow.” And it was sung by Will Champion (bald, drummer, last seen wearing a sheer, powdered blue shirt for a month straight) instead of Chris (who takes studio vocal duties), so, double twist. And Will has a better voice than Chris. So, triple twist.

Also, whoever’s writing these Coldplay web notes has nice handwriting.

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