Becky Stark Corrals Colin Meloy, Tunde Adibempe Into Joining A “Parody” Web Series

We’re told Califunya, the pressingly precious new web-series created by Lavender Diamond’s Becky Stark, “parodies a high school play that is parodying a kids’ show from the ’60s as performed by grown-ups.” But even if you didn’t know about the many levels of parody being plied to the musical proceedings in Califunya, it’d still fit with the basic idea of Lavender Diamond you have after hearing/watching her in action over the years, namely that this is a bright-smiled womanchild living in a world of picnics and bluebirds. If you don’t believe that, you’re welcome to watch these installments of the show about picnics and bluebirds. That last one features some vocals by Colin Meloy — who employed Becky as one of his Diamond girls (alongside My Brightest Worden) on this last Decemberists jaunt — and future installments promise Tunde Adibempe, and Mia Doi Todd, among others. The series is being presented by WKE, that advertising agency subsid that managed to get Ian MacKaye on its side the other day. Over-preciousness next to MacKaye DIY? Now that’s brand diversity.