New CSS Video – “Left Behind”

“Left Behind” sees CSS continue to put on a glossier face on record. The video sees them put on glossy faces on camera. Synergy! Actually, having the CSS crew wear masks and shake asses fits the song well; “Left Behind” is about getting over someone via party therapy — “I’m jump up on the table and dance my ass off ’til I die” — which is just as fake a face as any you’ll see in the video.

That’s the second video from Donkey — see the one for “Rat Is Dead (Rage)” here — which is out 7/22 via Sub Pop.

UPDATE: No, it’s not the CSS crew dancing around. In fact the CSS crew had next to nothing to do with the vid, save soundtracking it and stamping it “Official”; this was entirely the work of one Renata Abbade, who directed, produced, conceived, starred-in, danced, and wore masks all by her lonesome. Check out her site here. Nice work, Renata.

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