New Beaters – “White Hate”

Our first taste of shadowy “mutant punk” quartet Beaters came via “Fishage,” the jittery lead track from their debut 7″ that reminded me of one of Liars’ dubbed-out no wave anthems twisted and caffeinated and packaged with Michael Jackson staring back at you. They have a new 7″ on Zoo Music. The howling “White Hate” — a title that would fit nicely on a Harry Pussy tracklist — turns down the echo and Kraut vibe of “Fishage” and finds the guys tearing into an unrelenting, satisfyingly layered garage anthem.

Beaters – “White Hate” (MP3)

The “White Hate” 7″ is out now via Zoo Music. Keep watch for a six-song cassette on Supplex and a 7″ split with Ale Mania on La Station Radar.

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