Jenny Lewis Offers Her Acid Tongue This Fall

Today P4K confirms most of what’s been floating around regarding the next Jenny Lewis solo album: there will be a next Jenny Lewis solo album, it will be called Acid Tongue, and it will feature lots of people you’ve heard of. People like the she and him of She & Him, “Farmer Dave” Scher, Benji Hughes, Johnathan Rice (of singer-songwriter/Jenny’s bf fame), A Perfect Circle’s Paz Lenchantin, members of Lewis’s family, and studio chum Elvis Costello. No, not Gregg Gillis, but she and Girl Talk have some history:

That clip never stops being cute. According to Wiki, Gregg’s said he lifted his Girl Talk (Not A) DJ moniker from either a Jim Morrison poem title or a Merzbow side project, but obviously that’s ’cause he was too embarrassed to admit he’s a massive fan of Teen Set video magazine circa 1991. (By the way, here’s a lesson I learned this weekend — if you’re moving, play Feed The Animals on a loop; chances are your movers will love you.)

Jenny’s Acid Tongue is out this September on Warner.