Spoon Bring “Written In Reverse” To Conan

Spoon self-produced Transference and while there’s some studio trickery at the heart of some of its arrangements, “Written In Reverse” (and maybe “Mystery Zone”) came out of the gates as an example of Spoon being Spoon, knocking out a taut and rhythmic rocker, uncluttered production in service of a swaggering hook. A logical choice then for their Tonight Show closeup last night, the band entering NBC’s Burbank studio/warzone with some lyrics closer to Conan’s heart than he may have realized: “No nothin’ was planned / You just can’t help yourself / Some people are so easily shuffled and dealt / If there’s only one of us you truly felt … I’m not standing here.” Not for long, anyway.

Transference is out via Merge. If you want to catch up on some Spoon insights, try these profiles in the New York Times and New York Post. Guess which one’s headline is a pun.