Matt & Kim/The Breeders @ McCarren Pool, Brooklyn 6/13/08

[Photos and video by Abbey Braden]

Even though, as Gothamist reports, the Pool Parties will survive the summer, this is the free concert series’s final year at McCarren Pool which is giving these sunny Sundays of booze and bands a little extra something. Adding perfect weather to the mix and topping it off with a stellar lineup and the always great price of Free, and it was no surprise to receive texts from friends turned away for capacity concerns after hours in line. Those who made it in were treated to a marked contrast in styles: the Whip’s Kitsune-y electro, Matt & Kim’s raucous joy-punk (fleshed out with the 30 piece marching band/dance troupe Rude Mechanical Orchestra and “Crazy In Love” cover), and the Breeders straight ahead, evergreen indie rock. Abbey Braden was one of those who made it into the Pool’s deep end, cam in hand, to capture pics and vids and inevitably make the rest of us jealous.


“Yeah Yeah”

“Crazy In Love”

Matt & Kim & Crowdsurfers