MNDR – “Feed Me Diamonds”

The latest single from MNDR’s forthcoming Feed Me Diamonds is the throbbing title track, a song MNDR figurehead Amanda Warner says is directly influenced by performance artist Marina Abramovic. Context:

“Feed Me Diamonds” is solely inspired by a claim that Marina herself made about her father’s death. She claimed that he was murdered by being fed finely ground diamonds which eventually caused internal bleeding in the G.I. tract. This was also a way that monarchs were overthrown: slowly being fed diamonds over a period of time until they eventually bled out.

(via WNYC)

Hear it below.

Feed Me Diamonds is out 8/14 on Ultra. Previously, we’ve posted the other singles “#1 In Heaven” and “Faster Horses.” Check out a recent Progress Report with MNDR’s Amanda Warner.

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