Metallica’s Death Magnetic To Get A Guitar Hero’s Welcome

Back in the ’90s Metallica and Guns N’ Roses were hard rock titans, owning the Billboards, touring together, getting caught on fire and leaving their crowds in riots. 16 years later it’s less about burning flesh and broken bottles, and more about awkward displays of affection and tapping the videogaming community. Heavy shit. As reported yesterday, Rock Band 2 will come with a Chinese Democracy track, and now Metallica and Activision have done ‘em one better with an music industry (and gaming) first: Metallica has posted news that they will release the forthcoming Death Magnetic album to stores and to Guitar Hero III, simultaneously (release date TBA). There will be a drums, vocals, and guitar version of the album for the Guitar Hero: World Tour game that’s out this fall, too. Your move, Phish.

[Photo of Hetfield/Hammett guitar heroics from Metallica’s set at Bonnaroo ’08]