Ring In The New Year

This being a digital music blog, I can’t think of a more appropriate last post of the year than sharing my favorite ’04 ringtones. For Chrismukkah EJ got me a Sidekick II (like Lindsay Lohan, woo!), and while I’m looking forward to utilizing those hott CallerTunes/Ringbacks everyone’s so excited about, I’ll miss Bluetoothing my own files onto the ol’ Ericsson T610. Carriers are now pushing real audio “hi fi” song clips instead of the dinky midi versions. Do the kids actually prefer a real song clip as their ring? Isn’t that confusing in a bar/club? Aren’t the Casio-ass versions much more fun? I think they are. And while I’ll adjust to the trends, these are ten awesomely cheesy ringtones I’ll miss.

  Usher – “Yeah”
  The Streets – “Fit But You Know It”
  Britney Spears – “Toxic”
  Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out”
  Outkast – “The Way You Move”
  Avril Lavigne – “My Happy Ending”
  D12 – “My Band”
  Black Eyed Peas – “Let’s Get Retarded”
  Morrissey – “Irish Blood English Heart”
  Kevin Lyttle – “Turn Me On”

Have a fun and safe New Year’s and THANK YOU ALL for reading, linking, and commenting on Stereogum in ’04! New Year’s Resolution: less Brit, I promise.