Spoon @ The Village Recorder (KCRW), Los Angeles 1/20/10

If you’re in NYC and you love Transference, or any other pitstop along Spoon’s reliably banging discog for that matter, you might want to head to Mercury Lounge like three hours ago. The band’s playing a show at the 200-capacity E. Houston Street venue tonight, tickets available at the door, first come first served. If the line’s already 200-people deep at this point (likely), the next best thing we can offer are sights and sounds from a similarly intimate session the band played for KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic in Los Angeles yesterday. Since the station’s own studios were commandeered for a pledge drive, Spoon recorded at the Village Recorder, where Elton John and Ringo Starr happened to be passing their time. (Eno importantly reports on the look of Sir Elton’s puppy. Report being: Cute!) KCRW kindly accommodated photographer Andrew Youssef, and AY kindly delivers this set of shots from the seven-song set (scorecard: five new, one Girls Can Tell, one Gimme Fiction). Stream it here, check the setlist and vid from the proceedings below, and somebody, anybody, please let us know the scene at Merc tonight.

01 “Got Nuffin”
02 “The Mystery Zone”
03 “Written In Reverse”
04 “Chicago At Night”
05 “Nobody Gets Me But You”
06 “Trouble Comes Running”
07 “My Mathematical Mind”

Here’s what “Written in Reverse” looked and sounded like:

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