New Cure Video – “Sleep When I’m Dead”

The latest installment of the Cure’s pre-album release Single Of The Month Club, “Sleep When I’m Dead,” threw us for a loop on Monday, coming unexpectedly in repeated-clip form. But now thanks to a YouTube upload by Craig, he of the comprehensive Cure fansite Chain Of Flowers — a great go-to for obsessive updates on all sorts of Cure related news points and ephemera, even if he doesn’t always love our Cure takes (wink, Craig) — we get the whole cut fastened to the black and white official vid for the song.

It’s a pretty straight forward, closed-studio performance clip (save some errant zooms and focus dissolves) for a pretty straight forward studio Cure song (save, well, nothing), but after hearing Scarlett mercilessly hack away at “Boys Don’t Cry,” I’ll count blessings and take a straight forward take on the Cure, by the Cure, any day.

We’ll get one more single on August 13th, and then it’s LP13 time, due out 9/13.

Tags: The Cure